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3 Room HDB Flat Renovation Before and After – Room for Rent, Property for Sale/buy Singapore Article

| Property Videos | January 1, 2015

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3 Room HDB flats renovation before and after designs video. If you are considering renovating your HDB flats, you can look at some of the designs below.

BTO 3-Room HDB Flat Segar Grove in Singapore

3 Bedroom HDB Flat 520 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

Following are the 3 room flat design suggestions:-
– Your furniture arrange are very important to create a room which will give you a feeling of “bigger”, “larger” space.
– You will need to focus on your four main types of furniture. They are your sofa, your coffee table, your TV console, and your storage shelves
– In order to make full use of your sofa, you can leverage on the many designs sold in IKEA, where you can choose a normal sofa or a sofa bed. A sofa bed will help you create an addition guest room in your living room. That is you can convert your living room into a guest room whenever you need it.
– Make a list of sofa of your liking/choice and with its colors in mind
– For coffee table, be sure to choose a piece which is easily movable and not fixed or difficult to move. This is so because whenever you have guests, events or parties. You can easily redesign/relocate your coffee table to make more space. with a 3 room flat, it will be best to make full use of the space, and keep your furniture layout as flexible as possible so that your home can cater for any type of big or small events.
– The TV console will be one of the main focal point in your flat. And when discussing with your contractor or designer be sure to include in more space for your xbox console, wires, video DVD player, Karaoke player, etc. You never know when you might be getting any new piece of electronics for your home.
– Next, storage is another important piece of furniture which you must include in your living room. Why? This is because, storage will help you hide most of your house hold items. And also to help tidy up your living room and not leaving a mess or things laying around your living room. Do Factor in approximately 10% more storage space than what you need at the moment. As when time past, you will definitely have more things purchased for your 3 room flat. So having more storage spaces in your home will definitely help you in the long run.
– Consider using mirrors to add virtual “space” to your living room
– For your sofa, try to purchase low slug styles or low height sofas, this will help make your living room look even bigger. One low slug style 3 seater sofa will make your living room look classy. In addition, for big family, you can get light weight chairs to create additional sitting areas.
– For chairs, another suggestion is to use light weight chairs, and not the bulky type. firstly, it makes it easier to move your chairs around. Second, light weight chairs help to make your living room look big as well.


Very good design ideas for small space interior design especially good for 3 room HDB flat

A very nice 3 room apartment/flat interior design in Seng Kang

RenovAID Mediacorp’s reality TV show – Interior Renovation


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