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7 Safety Features To Look For In A New Home – Rent a Room, Property HDB Apartment Condo Landed Property for Buy, Sale, Invest

| Property Sales and Rental Articles | January 20, 2015

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Before you confidently purchase a brand new house, you need to think about the various safety features available there, so that you and your family don’t have to live in fear about the different things that could go wrong. What are the necessary safety features to look for in a house, you ask? Let’s look at the 7 important ones.

1. Fire Safety

Any house, whether newly built or old, needs to have all the fire safety checks in place. Look for smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and water sprinklers within the housing unit, and test them. If you’re in an apartment, check the fire escapes and the availability of a firewall between the blocks.

2. Security Systems

Most modern houses come equipped with reliable digital security systems; so you should definitely feel safer if you’re buying such a house. If it doesn’t, request the seller or owner for getting one installed, after taking into account the overall safety needs of the house, as well as the safety features you’re already being offered.

3. Doors And Stairways

The door knobs that come with inbuilt locks need to be tested thoroughly, especially if the house is old. Don’t hesitate to ask for immediate replacement if the door lock turns out to be a deal breaker. Especially check for dead bolts, which are more secure. And don’t forget to check the staircases for well-fitted handrails.

4. Mechanical Systems

Inspect all the mechanical systems in the house and check if they have maintenance records. The gas supply lines, heating systems, AC filters, and stove settings need to be in order. If there is a fireplace, ensure placement of a carbon monoxide detector. Do check with the society or read the apartment complex guidelines for proper installation of plumbing and waste disposal systems.

5. Electrical Safety

The electrical system mandates a thorough check. Most of the homes come with power backups, but you should make sure that the wiring is adequate and not dangling along the walls or on the floors. Check for lightning rods and antenna grounding.

6. Neighborhood History

Every locality and its immediate neighborhood have their own set of safety rules and precautions. If you are planning to buy a home, make sure you talk to the people living next door and find out whether any additional safety measures need to be taken. Check the neighborhood history, especially for offender rates. You’ll certainly breathe easier if you’re living in a safe neighborhood.

7. Exterior Safety

Last but not the least, the exterior safety of the house is significant. For instance, most apartment complexes have a swimming pool. Check if it is fenced. The park and play area should use child-safe equipment, and the sidewalks and elevators should be functional.

Since you’re buying a new home, it’s safe to say that you’ll be spending several years here (unless things go very wrong). Invest in overall safety, and you should be able to settle in well at your new house.

My name is Abishek Kumar. I’m a Senior SEO Executive at CommonFloor.com, India’s first real estate portal with exclusive focus on apartments. I provide tips and how-to’s on property investment, real estate basics, and community living. For more property-related information, visit http://www.commonfloor.com.

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