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Creating Your Own Pension With Apartment Investing – Rent a Room, Property HDB Apartment Condo Landed Property for Buy, Sale, Invest

| Property Sales and Rental Articles | February 6, 2015

Christopher-Urso_room for rent Singapore Apartment HDB Flat Condo Landed Property Buy Sale Invest
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Investing in apartments is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Multifamily investing is the fastest way to create wealth in real estate. One of the attractive aspects of apartment investing is that you have some measure of control over the success of your asset.

For you more adventurous types, there are value-add deals to be had. For the risk-adverse, there are stabilized deals that will pay themselves off, leaving you with an asset that you own free and clear, allowing you to refinance, pull cash out and reinvest it with no tax penalties.

Here are the “magnificent seven” reasons that multifamily investing can secure your future.

1. Economies of Scale – having many head in beds at one location dramatically reduces the expenses of many roofs and the associated costs for each single family rental.

2. Tax Advantages – There are very few investments where you can make income and claim a loss through deprecation – this where a savvy accountant can make or break your deal.

3. Low/Mitigated Risk – Because of #1 (economies of scale), when one tenant moves out, there are others supporting your bottom line. Here’s where larger deals really make sense. You’re also personally driving results at your property through your property manager (no plunging toilets necessary!)

4. Historic Demand – Demand for apartments is at an all time high, and the supporting demographics; (Millennials, Boomers) show no sign of slowing down.

5. Available Financing – Local & Regional Banks as well as National Banks such as Freddie are aggressively lending on multifamily, and the private money environment is loosening up. This is not the case for single family investment homes.

6. Equity Creation – Your tenants pay down your mortgage while you receive ongoing cash flow. Many of our clients then refinance and take that tax-free money to buy another building.

7. Potential Value Creation – There are various ways to implement this strategy – from rebranding a property to gut-renovations, as long as you buy right, you can dramatically effect positive bottom-line changes to your property.

For even conservative investors, apartment buildings offer stability. Apartments are an excellent hedge against an unsure future. No matter what your appetite, I am confident that there is an apartment deal out there for you. Even if you only do one deal a year, think of how this will change your financial future! This is how you can truly create a “personal pension” that will continue to pay you now AND in the future.

How we help investors: Elite Apartment Coaching helps beginner, intermediate and sophisticated real estate investors actively acquire apartment buildings, creating income-producing properties. We host exclusive training events for private real estate investors to get them to the next level in their investing business.

Visit -> http://eliteapartmentcoaching.com, and grab your Smart Investors Guide to Buying Apartment Buildings – With this free guide you will discover which type of investor you are, and how you can start to create the financial future of your dreams with apartment investing.

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