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How we help Singapore Property Buyers, Sellers, Rentals, Investors, etc – Property for Sale, Room for Rent

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Download your room/property leaflet - How we help Singapore Property Buyers, Sellers, Rentals, Investors, etc - Property for Sale, Room for Rent as PDF(Please reload or refresh if not able to download)

Looking for a room to rent, Property for Sale/Buy/Invest, Room for Rent, Looking for Tenants/Roommates in Singapore – RoomwithAircon.com a high tech, fun and relax & an easy to remember property website brand name for you

At RoomwithAircon.com, our mission is to use technology to help you broadcast out your room/property for rent/sell/buy/invest out to all social media networks, search engines (Let us do the hard work for you) and also to create a fun property website to bridge tenants/renters, home owners who want to rent out their rooms/apartment and persons/professionals who want to rent a room/apartment and also property buyers and sellers in the current property market. We intend to fill the gap by creating this property website platform; Which we will always provide free property ads posting (Cost saving for you), and premium chargeable front page and in every page property ads.

What if you already have a property website, Facebook page, etc?
Great! Then your RoomwithAircon.com Property listing can help you get more out of it. Create your high quality room for rent, looking for roommate or property real estate for sale/buy ads/listing so that you can link directly to your web site from your RoomwithAircon.com listing. This will help you send more visitors to your site and will also help it rank better in search engines such as Google, which count links as positive votes to your website.

We get tonnes of traffics, viewers, leads from Social Media Networks to your Room, Property Ads listed here in RoomwithAircon.com (To start, just click on the house below to register and start posting your free or premium ads! You will see immediate ad views to all your room/property ads posted here in RoomwithAircon.com)

What if you already have a property video link like Youtube?
Great! You can also also post your video link like Youtube link into your RoomwithAircon.com free ad/listing to attract more viewers responses to your room/property ad

Place your own Youtube property related video in your ad to increase viewers interests in your ads today!

Can i put my mobile/handphone/cell number in my RoomwithAircon.com ad?
Yes you can. We encourage you to place your mobile/handphone/cell number in your property/room ad.

You can place your property/room ad to collect long term prospective buyers, tenants, etc.
Yes you can let your property/room ads run in RoomwithAircon.com to collect more leads, prospective tenants, buyers, etc for your properties/rooms for rent/sale/invest

Property/home improvement related companies/industries can also post free ads/listing here to promote your services
We also want to work with property related companies, industries which are in the home improvement market sectors like home renovations, home maintenance, career in property (agents), etc. Advertisement are also free for you, if you are in these categories as well. So feel free to browse around and post your free ads today.


Following are some of the benefits when using RoomwithAircon.com property listing/ads free posts
– Free to post/list the type of room you want to rent
– Free to post/list your property for sale
– Free to post/list your room for rent
– Free to post/list your room/property video links
– Free to post/list the property you want to buy
– Free to post 10 property pictures (A picture tells a thousand words)
– Central management of all your property listing
– Monitor and track your property listing results and let you further fine tune your property real estate sale campaign from our website
– Reuse/repost your property listing/ads
– Get thousands of prospects/leads/views
– Send not just to Facebook, but also you can post your real estate ads to many other social networks like Twitter, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pin It Share, LinkedIn, Buffer & more.
– Backend SEO, optimization of your rental/property posts/ads/listing to attract more customers


Our Property Strategy for You

Post free property ads or premium front page or all pages ads here and also monitor (With a Dash Board to see all your property ads posted), track your ads performance, edit and also get 10x more prospects customers/visitors to see your property buy/sell/rent/investment/ads/products/services/agent recruitment posts as you can post your property ads not just to Facebook (More than 1,000,000,000 users & increasing/visitors to see your property), but also you can post your free property ads to Twitter (More than 500,000,000 users/visitor to see your property), by email (All your existing customers, friends, colleagues, etc), Google+ (More than 500,000,000 users), Reddit (more than 69,000,000 users/visitors to see your property ads), StumbleUpon (more than 20,000,000 users/visitors to see your property), Pin It Share (More than 70,000,000 users to see your property) , LinkedIn (More than 200,000,000 users/visitors to see your property), Buffer (More than 1,000,000 users to see your property). After you had posted your free ads or premium front page & all pages ads here, just click on one of the social media icon in your ads/post and start posting to millions of prospective buyers/customers.




Another way which you can get more exposure for your properties for sale, buy or rent is to provide good property advises and co-broke with other property agents in the property post’s “Leave a Property Advice or Ask the Experts” box at the bottom of each property ad or post. You can also give your comments & review as well (You can click this link and look at this post’s “Leave a Property Advice or Ask the Experts” box at the bottom of the page http://roomwithaircon.com/2014/12/sky-habitat-condominium-project-singapore-sale-rent-buy/). Posting your property reviews/comments on a condominium project, landed property, apartment, shoebox about the advantages and disadvantages of the property will lead to more prospective buyers, readers interested in the property which you are advising. Therefore increasing your leads and property sales pipeline.

Its just that simple.

Following are the steps which will help You make the most revenue/money by showing your property ads to as many prospective buyers/customers as you like.

Step1 – Register using your email http://roomwithaircon.com/register/

Step2 – Click below to start posting your free property ads or premium front page ads or every page property ads

Step3 – Start posting to many different social websites using the social icons in your property ads posts like the one shown below.



Our listing plans for you to start
You can start by posting free property ads here.

Please contact us here to avoid any miscommunications before posting premium property ads. Let us help/assist you clarify any doubts or questions you have first.


After you had found a room in Singapore to rent or buy/sell.
You can head on down to http://SingaporeJobsJobsJobs.com/ to look for a job in Singapore. There are estimated over 100,000 jobs for you to search from. Start working in Singapore today. Just “Click and Search” to see thousands of jobs in Singapore!:)

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