Commercial 1Pound Shop War – The Shopping Center War – 1$ Shop War

1 Pound Shop War; Everything is on sale for $1, In Britain there are more than 200 over 1 pound shop. Much more cheaper than Singapore’s Daiso $2. Daily there are competition between these 1 pound shops. They will have promotions, price war, new product launches, new low prices high quality from China which also cost 1 pound. All these 1 Pound shop commercial properties are on their toes battling each others in this cut throat business. Their target is estimated to be hundreds of thousands per week and millions of products per year. Every day these commercial property/real estate owners will need to look into thiefs, staffs issues, supplies, customer services, management of staff rotations between cash counters and products counters/shelfs management, product copying/duplication, the battle goes on and on, etc.


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