5 room flat for sale in Singapore – Buying, Selling your 5 room 4 room or 3 room HDB Flat

When selling your HDB flat, always remember to tidy up your flat and rooms to prepare for viewing. As prospective property buyers might have odd timing or ad-hoc property viewing request. So do prepare in advance. When your home is neat and tidy. The impression will always be better. If you have an empty HDB flat, that will even be better. As the buyer will be able to move in immediately and without the concern of shifting issues. Always remember to reduce as much headaches and/or issues for your prospective property buyer as possible. Do remember that in current property market, there are more properties out there to choose from (Buyer’s market).


When choosing your property/real estate agent, be sure to ask how will they market/sell your property for you. Check if your agent have a checklist to help you sell your flat at an optimum prize. Following are some sample checklist items which you can ask your agent.

How will your property agent market your HDB flat for you?

Look out for these answers from your property agent
> Advertise by flyers by regions (He/she can show you which area being tag to sent out the flyers)
> Month by month advertising plan
> Notification of your immediate neighbors of possible interest in purchasing by their friends and relatives
> Planned open house after a certain period of non sale
> Co-broke
> List of your HDB flat property in online website like ours RoomwithAircon.com
> List into their property listing database to get immediate property exposures
> Link up with territory property agents of possible leads
> Possible telemarketing for your HDB flat
> Access and sent invitation to Inter-Agency Multiple Listing Systems (MLS), For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) and For-Rent-By-Owner (FRBO) Listing Systems
> Have monthly or bimonthly meeting, depends on the urgency of the property for sale

During your monthly or bimonthly meeting, you can either drive the meeting yourself with the checklist items, so that you can know how was the progress of the sale. At least you as the seller will have a certain level of visibility of your property sale process. And NOT just sit and wait.

But do give your property agent the trust, time and work space to sell your property for you. As certain property might take time and effort to market/sale to prospective buyers. With that said, I wish you all the best in your property sale.

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