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Renting property can be a challenge, especially for those using old-fashioned listing methods, like newspaper ads or flyers. These days many potential renters use Internet-based resources exclusively when looking for an apartment, villa, or rental home. Savvy individuals attempting to rent out their property have realized this and are taking advantage of the multitude of opportunities to get their property seen (and rented) online. Need to know more? Here are five reasons to list your rental property online:

1. Larger Pool of Potential Renters

Because of the widespread use of the Internet in daily life, encompassing everything from shopping to making travel plans, the idea of using the web for locating a new place to live is growing in popularity. In fact, for many young professionals or other tech-savvy renters, online may be their primary or only source for rental information. Online exposure can provide greater exposure to highly desirable renters, ensuring a faster rental.

2. Free or Low-cost to Post

These days, many online rental sites offer users the opportunity to post their property for free or for a nominal fee. Sites vary, but many include features that make it easy for potential renters to find and research apartments or other rental properties, including high-quality images, mapping tools, and other key information that makes it easy to say yes to a new place to live.

3. Saves Time

Instead of answering endless phone calls or worse, no one taking the time to call, listing online allows for easy communication through email applications and contact forms. This can streamline the process considerably, turning multiple phone calls into quick emails that users can answer at their leisure, instead of during business hours only. For those with multiple properties or units, automating the rental process through listing online can speed the process along, saving time and money.

4. Easier to do Credit and Background Checks

Today, many people prefer renters with a good credit score and clean background check. This can prevent issues with non-payment or with renters bringing the criminal element onto a property. By listing online, it is possible to have easier access to resources that will help speed up and streamline the process involved in checking out potential renters, including fee processing for credit checks.

5. Building a Client-base Through Social Media

By listing online, it is sometimes possible to connect with renters or would-be-renters on a more personal level, offering them a sense of connection with the person from whom they are renting. This initial connection creates a social network from which future renters or renters for other properties may be drawn. This is far simpler and easier to use than merely relying on word-of-mouth.

For those thinking about listing their rental property online, these reasons offer a starting point for realizing the potential and benefits. There are actually many more reasons than just this short list! The best way to find them is through exploring what’s out there in terms of tools and technology, designed to meet a diverse array of needs.

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By Maria P. Thompson

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