How to design your own hdb flat, house, condo, apartment, landed property, etc

Thinking of designing your own home’s interior design? Just bought a new property (HDB flat, condo, landed property, apartment, studio, etc). Once you are enthusiastic about doing something (Like designing your own house), then you will not feel the pain of doing it. Although its a tremendous effort on your part. It will be well worth it when everything is completed.

Interior Design for HDB Flat apartment house landed property condo1

Interior Design for HDB Flat apartment house landed property condo2

Following are some suggested interior designing steps for your property:-

– Reduce cost by designing your own home
– Quick way is to look for interior design books, magazines and collect those ideas which you like
– Prepare your own property floor plan
– Tag those interior home, room, living, dinning, toilet, balcony, etc designs which you like
– Have your own design booklet and create one category for each property room area
– Either print out and then tag it with your design booklet or use a computer software to help you. Something simple like Microsoft Word will be sufficient. You can take a picture of the property or room design which you like and then just copy or cut from your phone into your Microsoft Word document.
– Remember to setup your budget, timeline, and scope of work (E.g. Which area of your house or property do you want to redesign if you are redesigning an existing property or room. If your property is totally new, then set aside a budget which you are comfortable with, so that you don’t over spend)
– Have an overview of your property’s design, which type of design style do you like (E.g. Zen, modern, classic, retro, etc)
– If you prefer to engage an interior design firm, beware of bogus interior designers and contractors (Look for those interior designers, contractors which allow payment only after their interior design construction works are completed)

Overall Interior Design Steps for your property
Step1) Start your interior design
Step2) Form your team and start discussing on what you all want for your house
Step3) Design styles – Look for interior design books, free design consultations from exhibition in Singapore Expo or other free no obligation interior design consultation
Step4) Plan your interior designs with your floor plans (Look at your interior design from a birds eye view)
Step5) Present the completed interior design to the team
Step6) Final interior design presentation after step5’s amendments/updates
Step7) Look for contractors for the setup. Get referrers from friends, reputed online interior design site. And also know what are your rights when dealing with contractors. (Look for those contractors which can complete your interior design construction first then make payment after completion of works)

Example of a property design style with Zen concept
1) Go with natural colors, earth and soft tone colors like white, grey, beige
2) Choose a wooden flooring which you like e.g. Parquet with white, grey, light brown, etc
3) Choose wool carpets, choose fabrics which have natural colors, light color and feel comfortable
4) Create soft and try to use natural lighting if possible
5) Use simple rattan based or wooden furniture, keep your furniture simple
6) Use green plants, round stones and simple Zen decor to create additional Zen feeling
7) Create more storage spaces to hide away your clutters (E.g. Full length storage cupboards, etc). For long term ,maintenance will be easier.

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Interior Design for HDB Flat apartment house landed property condo3

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