How to rent out your room or look for a roommate to cover cost or make extra money

This is a short video to show you how do you look for a roommate to cover your monthly bills or flatshare to cover expenses. Whether you are the owner or subletting a flat, landed property, condo, apartment, flat sharing, etc. You would want to keep your rental apartment and rooms neat and tidy. So that prospective tenants will feel comfortable renting or flatshare with you and your friends. Looking for a roommate or flatmate will take sometime and it is good to ask a few questions so that both yourself and your prospective tenant(s) have common understanding before moving in or renting the room.

Below are some rental videos to share about roommates/rental:-

Expat living in Singapore. Many women expat prefer to relocate to Singapore due to Singapore’s safety, security even at night. Therefore many roommate opportunities when trying to find a female expat in Singapore.

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Find your roommate online or flat share to reduce/save monthly rental costs

When looking for a roommate/flatmate, what are the things you should consider

When you work in Singapore or any other foreign countries. One of the most important thing is to find a place or room call home. You would want to be able to find a room which suit to your needs. One of the important need is to find a long term roommate who is compatible to your daily living standards. At times choosing someone who is friendly might be the best choice. However, other than having a friendly attitude towards yourself. You also need to look for other quality as well. For a start, you might no know how he/she will react when the both of you become flatmates or roommates. Therefore, following are some points to take note:-


Points to take note when choosing a roommate or flatmate:-

1) Compatibility in terms of character

2) When sharing a single room due to certain cost constraint or for short term stay. Consider to list out a list of things with your potential roommate/flatmate. Things like dividing a cupboard space, placement of tooth brush, shoe cabinet space allocation, clothes hanging area, where to keep your dirty laundry, etc. Small things as such means alot even during short term stay as roommate/flatmate.

3) When sharing a common toilet. This will lead to lesser conflicts than sharing the same room. Do discuss and also list down who should take which shelves in the toilet cabinet. Do you allow sharing of toothpaste, do you allow your roommate to use your shower foam/soap, shower bucket, facial wash, etc. some roommate/flatmate might not like it if their roommates/flatmates stay using their things without first asking them.

4) Discuss with your potential roommate/flatmate your daily routines like job schedules, time to usage of toilet (length of time required), any rush hours which you must wake up, etc. This will avoid any miscommunications every morning when both of you need to rush out for work. It will be the same for students who share common room or toilet.

5) The next important thing to compromise between roommates is setting the room’s aircon temperature. Discuss to have an agreeable temperature being set. Flexibility is important here.

6) Roles and responsibilities in cleaning up your own room’s areas. Some roommates/flatmates not just want their own side of the room to be clean and tidy, but also expect their roommate to be equally tidy as well. This is important for both sharing of room or toilet.

7) Another important question to ask your roommate or flatmate is, if they are a smoker? And if so, you might want to discuss where should they be smoking. As you do not want to inhale second hand smoke.

8) If you and your roommate share a common TV set, radio set then you might want to discuss which TV channels you want to watch at which time slots. And also what is the latest or earliest time to switch on or off the TV set. Do keep this very flexible as sometime this will also lead to conflicts between roommates/flatmates.

9) Sometimes your roommate might have a boy friend or girl friend whom they might like to bring back. Do discuss if this is acceptable? It will be best to clarify this early to avoid any awkward scenarios later on.

10) Cost saving is one of the most important factor/reason on why foreign workers are looking for a roommate/flatmate. So discuss and decide on your monthly rental expenses split and remember to list this down on black and white, to make it crystal clear for all roommates/flatmates involved.

11) Ask what job and in which industry is/are your potential roommate/flatmate doing at the moment. Other questions which you might want to ask is their university/college, and which type of employment pass are they holding at the moment or are they a Singapore PR, etc questions. Better to be clear than sorry.

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