Container Homes – How to convert your container into your real estate property – Singapore HDB Flats, Condo, Landed Property, Apartments

A 20 feet (6 meters), 10 sqm area container converted into a beautiful house real estate container house. This tiny and beautifully designed container home has a living room, kitchen, bed room, an office space, a 12 volt TV, queen sized bed, a wardrobe, a very spacious toilet with shower and clear light roof top to let in the Sunlight (Natural lighting).


This 20 feet container home real estate property also comes with a complete solar unit, with batteries and pumps to support the whole container house. In the design there is also a utility cabinet which is used to keep storage materials like first aid kits, work materials, etc. The container lays on concrete blocks. The container real estate also has its own rain water capturing system 440 liters of water to use. With a budget of $30,000 dollars, you can renovate your own container house unit with all the comfort of your home. Future plans include a patio, a home garden and more.

Small space owners can leverage and learn from these extremely good designers of small space living for your own room, small HDB flats, apartments, studio, shoebox house, and even landed property, dual keys living, 1 room flat, 2 rooms flats, 3 room HDB flats or even your 4 rooms HDB flats.

England Metal house build with shipping metal containers to create your real estate property home – One of the best eco green housing initiative by recycling tons of unused piled up of containers which are too expensive to ship back to their country of origins. There are enough containers to circle the earth twice and many metal shipping containers are left in the country being delivered to. Therefore there are tonnes of 20 ft, 40 ft containers in the ports.


Look at this genius container home design where you can link or transform many different containers to make a giant house! Your super large container real estate property! If you have a piece of land in Singapore, this might be one of your consideration to build your real estate property in Singapore. Double level or even three level landed property using containers. Of course proper authorization from the authorities are required.

Build your city of metal container house real estate property

Look at this city of containers. The whole house real estate property was made out of containers only.

Look at how big you can build using metal containers your real estate property can become


Metal container house interior design




World class industrial designer build a home with shipping metal containers



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