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As a landlord you know that the most important thing to your success is getting a quality tenant to rent your property. You keep the property up so that it will be more appealing to a quality tenant, and when your place is vacant you try your best to screen any prospective tenant so that you find the best one that applies.

A quality tenant will:

• Pay their rent on time each month
• Not be disruptive to neighbors with loud music, large parties, or fighting
• Has held a job for more than twelve consecutive months
• Has not moved around frequently unless they work in a field that requires frequent relocations
• Has solid references
• Will be respectful of your property and take care of it like it was their own

Finding a prospective tenant that has all of these qualities may be difficult, but it is possible. All you really need to do to find a prospective tenant that has all of these qualities is properly screen the applicants that wish to rent the property.

You need a rental application that covers the following:

• Name
• Current address
• Number of years at current address
• Reason for wanting to move
• Address for the last ten years
• reasons for re-locating from each address
• phone numbers of past landlords
• Name of employer
• Employer phone number
• Employer mailing address
• Number of years on job
• Three personal references that are not kin to the applicant
• Social security number
• Driver’s license number
• History of criminal behavior
• Marital status
• Number of children
• Age of children
• Number of pets
• Type of pets
• Name, address, and phone number of closest relative

These questions will give you enough information to start screening the applicants. You have to be sure that you call all references that the applicant lists, and check with past landlords about the way the applicant left their property, and their record for paying their monthly rent in a timely manner.

There are some red flags to look for when screening a prospective tenant.

1. If they have moved frequently in the past they may not take care of their financial responsibilities. A really good prospective applicant is one that has remained in one place for more than a year, and one that lists their reason for moving as being because they are getting a new job, because they need a larger home, because they want to be in a better neighborhood.

2. When a person has a long arrest record, even for minor things, you are often looking at someone that does not respect themselves, or the property of others. An arrest record should not stop you from renting to an applicant, but look at the reasons why the person was arrested because you do not want to rent your property to someone with violent tendencies.

3. A person that has changed jobs frequently is often someone that will not be stable.

4. A person who will not take off their sunglasses is often on drugs.

5. A person that will not look you in the eye often has something to hide.

When you are screening a prospective tenant in the hopes of finding a quality tenant, pay attention to the details of their past.


By Afshin Nejad

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