How do you sell your HDB flat, condo, apartment, landed property, etc fast

Below are suggestions on how to sell a property real estate fast

– Impress your prospective buyers with a nice, clean property front
– Try to make your property to be “move in condition” as much as possible. If not possible, explain what are the things which can be done easily to improve the condition to your property agent
– First impression, good impression last

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– If you have a garden, make sure that your garden look neat and tidy. It will be beneficial to hire a gardener or do it yourself, be the green finger
– Clean up the internal of of property (Either you have room for rent, or property for sale)
– Buyers will want to know if your build in furnitures are nicely maintained and also their conditions they are at currently
– Having a nice home will put buyers at ease as your home will become their new home in future. Not having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to renovate a property will definitely be a plus point for prospective buyers.
– Have more clear wall with no furniture blocking, etc. Clear pieces of wall will make the room look cleaner and bigger
– Remember to clean up your room’s mess
– Prepare your property before viewing like turning on the air condition to a comfortable cool temperature
– Clean up the toilets, bath rooms
– To sell your property real estate fast, another important consideration is to price your house reasonably
– Compare similar properties prices in your areas
– Prepare a checklist of your house property and discuss with your property agent on what to be presented to your prospective buyers and also the pros and cons of your property
– Use property listing website like ours (You can start posting your free ad by clicking here)
– Use bright pictures for your house to be listed in property listing websites so that your property for sale look more impressive, clean and new.

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– Investors, buyers will compare and choose among several properties in the area of their interest. Therefore, you will want to place your property in good light.
– Choosing good agents by posting questions in our website by asking them questions and see how fast they reply your questions and also the lead time of respond. You can use our “Leave a Property Advice or Ask the Experts” area which is located at the end of each property post/ad.
– Treat your property buyer’s viewing like a mini showflat launch. Look at how the mega condominium new launches are conducted. Learn from them and mimic those which can help you sell your property/house fast.
– Use of free property listing website like ours will also give you added advantages like “cost saving”, central management of your ads, check your ad responses, 24 by 7 hours your property is being advertised online in the Internet, spread and post your property for sell using our integration icon with Facebook, twitter, and many other social networks
– Make your property more special than your neighbors who are also selling their property, small touch up means alot sometimes
– Help your buyer by providing a list of good hardware maintenance vendors like for aircon, water heater, water pipes and fixtures, electrical technicians, etc

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