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Decorating and fitting out your home is all about personal taste and it is a rare thing for one persons taste to be EXACTLY the same as another persons. This can lead to arguments about colour, furniture choices and even ornaments! Getting a room that both parties are happy with can be a trial and prove expensive then…unless…

The development of 3D computer aided design (CAD) has led to sophisticated yet easy to use interior design software.

What is Interior Design Software?

Interior design software was developed using the power of 3D CAD in order to allow designers, fitters and house builders to generate detailed 3D renderings and plans of buildings and rooms more cheaply and more quickly – and before they started work, thus avoiding any costly mistakes or changes of mind.

The technology has improved now to the point where there are software packages for each room of a house. Kitchen suppliers now offer the use of 3D design software, as do bathroom suppliers and even bedroom designers.

For example, if you wanted a new bathroom then you would go to a bathroom supplier / fitter to choose your bath, shower, sink and all the other fittings. But before you made those decisions, they would sit down with you, using this 3D bathroom CAD software, and generate a 3D rendering of your bathroom. This would match its dimensions and have door and windows placed exactly where they are in your home.

Now you can use the software to try out different layouts, placing your bath / shower, sink, toilet and whatever else you want in your bathroom in different locations right on the screen. Such is the detail offered by this software nowadays that you can choose colours, taps, place mirrors and even plants. Essentially, you can create your dream bathroom quickly and cheaply before you even choose and pay for a single item.

This same type of interior design software can be used to create your dream kitchen, bedroom, living room – any room of your house. You can specify paint colours, wallpaper designs, flooring designs AND materials (stone, lino, tiles, even carpet), lighting, furniture…everything that will contribute to the room you want.

No More Arguments

As you can see, the power of 3D CAD software is such that you can create on screen any style of room you like. You can tweak and change, amend and alter as much as you like until both parties are completely satisfied with the results.

There will be no more arguments over colour themes, wallpaper designs, no more arguments over carpet choices, leather or cloth sofas, no more agonising over light fittings, tap choices, cupboard doors and, perhaps more importantly, no money wasted on items you couldn’t agree on but thought you’d try!

So the next time you’re planning a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom make sure you visit a supplier who can offer you the use of 3D CAD software so you can create the room of your dreams with minimal fuss, minimal arguing and at minimal cost!

Ian Grainger is writing on behalf of Nexus Design Software, developers of interior design software [], including bathroom design software [] and kitchen design software.

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