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Many, if not most, apartments are very pet friendly. But they take weight and especially breed very seriously. With vicious breeds there are legal liabilities and very few will work with you. Below you will find some common questions pet owners who rent will need to know.

My dog weighs over 60 pounds.

Most apartments are dog and cat friendly. But, all but a very few apartments have weight and breed restrictions. Your apartment locator can save you loads of time and aggravation by taking you only where your pet will be accepted. If an apartment has a no pet policy, your wasting your time trying to convince them otherwise.

I have three dogs!

Most apartments will only work with 2 pets. Occasionally you will find one that will bend the rules, but it’s totally at the managers discretion. They will usually charge you a full deposit for each pet you own. It will be expensive.

They told me my dog was considered a vicious breed!

Vicious breeds are typically Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Wolf Hybrids, German Shepherds, Dobermans and Chows. Mastiffs and Akitas are also considered viscious in many apartments. If its a mix and looks like a pit, they will consider it a pit. Many apartments also have restrictions on Boxers. Your apartment locator should have some places that are breed friendly. Some properties will take a German Shepherd, but not a Chow. Other properties will do a pet interview. Many apartments will not allow puppies under one year of age. No property can deny you if its a service dog, however you must prove it.

Can I break up the pet deposit into installments!

Many apartments will allow you to pay out your pet deposit. Usually in two or three installments. There are however,apartments that want the pet fee up front. Typically a portion of the fee is non-refundable.

I have a dog and a cat!

Typically deposits are around $300.00 per animal, depending on what part of the country you reside. Usually the bigger the deposit the more likely they are to make payment arrangements. Half of your deposit is usually non-refundable.

What does my pet deposit cover.

Basically nothing! Many people naturally assume it will cover pet damage to your apartment. This is not true. The pet deposit is basically the rent for your pet to live there. Many apartments charge a monthly pet rent in addition. Your pet deposit is on top of that.

What about my aquarium! Oh….and my bird?

Enjoy them …no pet fee, no weight limit, no breed restrictions.

I have a Ferret, Mongoose, Lizard, Mouse, Turtle, Rabbit,Snake, or other exotic critter!

Most locators rarely run across exotic breeds. In all likelihood its because nobody thinks to ask about it. Which is probably a good idea. Apartments seem to hate Ferrets for some reason. Most exotics are caged or live in an aquarium. Normally its not a problem. If you have a ten foot Boa constrictor, I assure you, they will want to know about it.

Good luck in your search and for more information about apartments and the leasing process go to www.apartments911.com [http://www.apartments911.com]

Steve Lawes, is a REALTOR professional locator and the owner of [http://www.apartments911.com] Over the last five years, I have leased thousands of apartments, duplexes and town homes here in Austin,Texas. From premium properties with gorgeous views to rat holes on the wrong side of the bad side of town, and everything in between. Over the years I’ve watched countless people be denied housing, sometimes for the silliest of reasons! Usually, though, it’s because they did not understand what apartments and landlords are actually looking for when they process your rental application. [http://www.apartments911.com] is all about good advice when it comes to the leasing process.

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