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An organized work environment is important for every home entrepreneur in order to be productive and effective in running a successful home business. Here are nine steps you can follow to set up a home office to run your home based business.

Step One:

Create a permanent, convenient space in your home for your office. A separate room is ideal.

Step Two:

Decide on an arrangement for your office furniture.

Different arrangements are listed below:

a) U-shape -ideal- three surfaces to keep everything within reach

b) L-shape – good if office space is limited

c) Parallel – place two spacious working surfaces opposite one another

d) V-shape -small area in front for computer monitor, two surfaces angled at left and right – good for small office space

Step Three:

Carefully plan your office design. Think about your ideal work environment. Natural light is healthy and refreshing, so many people prefer to have their desks face the windows. Some individuals like to have their desk facing the office door. Some people like to minimize distractions and have their desk facing a wall.

Step Four:

Purchase office furniture that compliments the arrangement that you have selected. Research on-line and visit furniture and office stores in search of the best desk that meets your needs. Invest in a good-quality desk. You will be spending the majority of your time at your desk, so make a wise decision. In addition, purchase for yourself a quality, comfortable office chair that support good ergonomic heath. Shop for a table, bookcases, additional chairs and desk lamps.

Step Five:

Ensure that you have plenty of light in your office. Maximize the natural light from your windows. Purchase blinds for the windows and open the blinds during the day. Purchase stylish, light curtains and pull them back during daytime to maximize daylight. Purchase desk lamps and standing lamps. Utilize ceiling lighting. Effective lighting is important to being productive.

Step Six:

Connect one or two business-only phone lines. One phone line should be dedicated for phone calls and one line should be dedicated for the fax machine (if your business requires a fax).

Step Seven:

Purchase a good-quality telephone. Set up voice mail through your telephone service company or purchase an answering machine.

Step Eight:

Invest in a good-quality computer for your home office. Research different computers on-line, talk to friends and fellow businesspeople, and visit various computer stores before making your final decision. Most people prefer to purchase a desktop computer for their home office. Consider purchasing a laptop computer if you are attempting to save space in a small office. Purchase a good-quality printer as well. Ideally, buy yourself a printer-scanner-photocopier, as this will help you save money as well as precious office space. If you require a fax machine, seek to purchase a printer-fax machine combo.

Step Nine:

Purchase standard office supplies for your home office. Consider budgeting the cost of office supplies with your monthly business expenses.

Step Ten:

Keep your home office very organized, clean and clutter-free. Purchase organizational and storage items, such as a filing cabinet, baskets for papers and storage bins. Make the best use of the storage space that you have available to you. For individuals with a small office, decide what items you use infrequently and move them to another storage area, including your attic, basement, storage room or garage. Purchase tall bookcases and shelving units to make the most of the height of your office space.

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