Rent Room in Singapore

Rent Room in Singapore

Building a long and lasting tenant and landlord relationship is important for the both tenant and landlord (and also for the property agent). To create or build a good relationship takes time due to the following reasons:-

– Bad previous tenant landlord room renting experience
– Character of tenant and landlord mismatch
– Not knowing what to do or expect from renting a room or apartment
– Not knowing the rules to observe as a tenant & more


Below are some guidelines and references for tenants on what the landlord need/want to help build a better and long lasting relationship between tenants and landlords even after they had moved out of the rented property.

1) Know each other persons’ character. If you do not know, then be polite or even a courtesy smile will resolve many issues or miscommunication

2) The main reason why landlord rent their room out in Singapore is to collect rental yield. Therefore another tip for tenants is to pay your monthly rental bill on time. And if you need to pay one or two days later, then do sms or message your landlord

3) Be attentive and work hand in hand with your landlord. As they are the owners of the property and will know what are the things which their neighbors like or dislike. Why you may ask do you need to think about your landlord’s neighbors as well? This is so because, having new people around the neighborhood will also take sometime to integrate and need some time to get to know each other’s habits as well. Therefore, try to ask your landlord on what are the things to do and not to do. And also ask your landlord if you need to take note of any human factors, electronic equipment usage, etc

4) The next pointer for tenants is to feedback politely to your landlord about things which need to be fix. Or electronic equipment usage issues or advice your landlord on equipment maintenance to help your landlord. The word here is to help your landlord take care of the rental equipments. Your landlord will appreciate your actions and will know that you will not misuse their household equipments. Therefore building up trust and a better tenant-landlord relationship

5) If there are anything urgent which you need to contact the landlord. Do leave them a text sms or create a watsapp group. Do not repeatedly call their mobile/cell number. This is especially important for tenants who stay in a multi-tenants unit.

6) Keeping everything clean and tidy is also another very important point to take note. Being clean and tidy will give a positive impression to your landlord and thus creating even more trust.

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