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Temporary office space is usually the property rented out or leased out by companies who don?t want to use the location for more than a year or so. Until a more permanent location can be found, temporary office spaces are used for all practical purposes.

This may be because the project that the company is doing might be a short-term one, and on the completion, the office space will no longer be required. Or, small business owners for start-up offices rent out temporary office spaces. They may not be ready to build a permanent office space. Temporary office spaces are also very popular during elections, when different parties set up makeshift offices for their campaigns. Another popular use of temporary office spaces is by transient business owners like telephone solicitors, employment centers and fundraisers.

Organizations with permanent offices also may look for temporary office spaces, when opening a new branch in a new city or when their old office is being repainted or renovated.

Many buildings rent out temporary office spaces with many common areas for individual business owners. Like the waiting rooms and reception all the offices on the floor of a building as well as the lounges and the coffee bar can use areas. Private offices and conference rooms are used by individual organizations in the same floor. These facilities are ideal for small businesses that need office space, but cannot afford to enter into a long-term lease agreement with the building owners.

Facilities and people who rent out temporary office spaces are called business incubators. There are many such agencies operating in all major cities, owning and renting office spaces that just need to be filled in with furniture and other amenities.

When choosing a temporary office space, it is important to find prominent locations and fix lease terms, according to your requirements and convenience. Choose office spaces that provide features like personalized telephone answering services and mail services.

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