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The demand for office space currently can be termed as high. It is therefore not a wonder that commercial properties are being developed every single day and getting occupied within no time. The increase of course means great economic potential. It can however make it harder for businesses to find the best for their business requirements and needs. The demand markers in the service sector include computer and data processing firms, reproduction and mailing, credit reporting, legal and social services and management service firms among many others.

Apart from new companies looking for office spaces, existing companies also bring in higher demand through growth and expansion. When a company is going well, it is bound to expand and this increases the demand for bigger spaces. Office spaces are therefore ever in demand in the metropolitan areas which create commercial hubs.

Factors Leading to Demand for Office Space

The current high demand in office spaces can result from different factors among them the need for more companies to create a presence in the economic hubs where they are easily accessible and have higher chances of making it big in the market. Every business wishes to enjoy a great presence wherever it is. By choosing a good location, it has a greater potential of growing. Other factors that have led to the increase include:

Increase in office firms:
There is a current increase in the number of office firms that are in the market. The fact is that more and more entrepreneurs are coming up with amazing business ideas. A large number of people are looking for financial freedom through self employment and are therefore coming up with firms every single day. It is a factor that will always have an effect on the demand for office space. Commercial premises are being occupied as soon as they complete. It goes to show an impressive growth in the business sector.

Increase in firm employee number:
Any firm requires employees to have all business functions going smoothly. When a firm starts doing well in the market, the need to hire more employees is inevitable. This however comes with the need to have more space. It could mean renting more office space for the firm on location or relocating to a much more convenient office on rent. The employee factor could also be brought in by demands in square footage per employee within the firm. This will also mean looking for more space for the firm to cater to the growing space demand for every employee.

Increase in presence goals:
Another factor that has led to the current demand in office space is the need for more firms to have a market presence. Companies are now moving more to where business growth and development has potential. Every city has business hubs which will always be attractive to the business people. Properties developed in such areas are therefore bound to be ever in demand. The presence of a company in the market can determine how successful it turns out to be.

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By Harish Ram Gowda

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